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Barbershop 105

Precision Beard and Hair Trimming

we understand that a well-groomed beard and hair are key to a polished appearance. Our expert barbers in Zurich specialize in precision trimming, shaping beards, and hair to perfection. Whether you’re looking for a neat trim or a complete style overhaul, we have the skills and tools to deliver impeccable results.


Why Choose Our Trimming Service?

  • Experienced Barbers: Skilled in various trimming techniques for all beard and hair types.
  • Customized Styles: Tailored trimming services to suit your individual look and preferences.
  • Quality Grooming Products: We use only the best products for optimal hair and beard care.
  • Comfortable Experience: Enjoy a relaxing session in our modern and welcoming barbershop.


Our Trimming Process

  1. Consultation:

    • Discussing your desired look and providing style recommendations.
    • Assessing your hair and beard type for the best trimming approach.
  2. Trimming:

    • Precise trimming using professional-grade tools.
    • Shaping and styling to enhance your facial features.
  3. Finishing Touches:

    • Application of premium beard oils or hair products for conditioning.
    • Styling advice to maintain your look at home.

Our experienced barbers can advise you on styles that complement your face shape and personal preferences. We consider factors like your lifestyle, beard growth pattern, and maintenance routine.

Absolutely! We specialize in shaping and maintaining beards at any stage of growth, ensuring they look neat and stylish.

We offer a range of high-quality beard care products, including oils, balms, and conditioners. Our barbers will recommend the best products for your beard type and skin.

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Yes, we provide hair trimming services in addition to beard trimming. We can style and trim your hair to complement your beard and overall look.

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